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The Mando Shop is a boutique mandolin store, residing in the historic Gibson House in downtown Tallahassee, FL.  We feature Collings, Eastman, Northfield, TKD and Weber mandolins.  Since the mid-1970s, Kyle has pursued his calling as a luthier and had a vision of creating an affordable mandolin with effortless playability, exceptional sound, and tasteful design.  The TKD is that mandolin!

The basis for the TKD mandolin really began about 40 years ago, when I opened a guitar store in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  My path as a luthier initiated from an aspiration for my retail instruments to sound and play their best.

Through the years my experience with stringed instruments broadened and developed; I derived inspiration and valuable knowledge from the work of Lloyd Loar.  Loar's craft with tap tuning the individual parts of a mandolin opened the door to understanding that by adjusting wood thickness, the parts of a mandolin could be tuned.  Tap tuning a mandolin improves volume and sustain, increases overtones and makes the mandolin more responsive.

The TKD mandolin was born of a desire to offer a mandolin with high-end features, resembling Collings, Northfield and Weber, at an affordable price.  Having mastered the art of mandolin setup and knowing what I desired in design, I contracted with a luthier shop in China to build a mandolin to my specifications.  When the first six TKD mandolins arrived and I tap tuned the tops, enhancing their volume, sustain and tonal color, I knew I had something special to offer the mandolin community.  The TKD, now in its third generation, includes A and F models with standard nut, wide nut, f-hole and oval hole options and an electric TKD.  A TKD Octave F mandolin will be available in the Spring of 2017.  Check out the TKD mandolins via the links below!

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